Presenting my new Android app: BikeShare!

I’ve been working in my free time lately coding a little app for  Android 2.2+  in order to train myself in some disciplines I’ve never had the chance to use, and… just because. Its name is BikeShare!

You can visit its web for more information:

For the lazy ones: it’s an app to use daily if you use public bikes in one of the 45 different supported cities. It allows you to favorite and see the details of all stations near you and helps you to find them if you don’t know the neighbourhood.

I have a  very big roadmap for this one, with lots of things I’d like to do, but I’ll see how is it working first. Don’t want to repeat past mistakes, when I only published things to the public after lots and lots and lots of features were done. Now  I’ll start from a simple approach  and I’ll see how it goes and what the users ask me to do.

Probably one thing I’ll do either way will be to  implement some widgets  to the app.

Well, I hope you like it – and you find it useful :)