Android 4.0+ with more adoption than expected in new apps

I’ve been a little bit surprised lately watching the stats of my new app,  BikeShare!, on Google Play Store.

Of course, it’s regarding the Android OS mainly used by its users.

We can see that  4.0+ versions have much more adoption than 2.2/2.3.x , just the opposite as the official stats say. Maybe it’s because the new Android adopters tend to download a lot of apps, and the old-droiders are more content with the ones they already installed.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because the countries adopting it.

(Spain, Canada, United States, Mexico, Ireland, Argentina, Norway, Australia)

Then we can compare it to the stats of other of my free apps,  Battery Info Widget, much more widespread and in the Play Store for more than one year.

(Japan, Spain, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, Germany, Peru)

Here the stats are much closer to the official android versions chart.

My thoughts are: should we focus on the people who won’t download apps, or to the new adopters / people with brand new phones?  IMHO the latter are much more interesting.