Branching out to Jetpack Compose talk

Branching out to Jetpack Compose talk

I had the pleasure to give alongside Chris Banes our joint talk "Branching out to Jetpack Compose" for the first time in this year's droidcon San Francisco and droidcon London.

Chris (left) and I presented this talk for the first time at droidcon San Francisco

It was super fun to do another joint talk again, after my last one with César. This time it took a couple of weeks of preparing and a lot of tinkering with animations and Procreate in the iPad Pro. My part of the content was around how we used tooling at Twitter to be able to scale Compose adoption while making sure no funny business was being merged.

I actually lost my voice the day prior to giving the talk, which made me speak way slower than I was supposed to (due to fear of my voice cracking up and not being able to speak). The chilly breeze of late May in San Francisco got the best of me!

I am looking forward to be able to present this talk again if possible! At least this time I will try my best to have a normal voice and not the 90-year old chainsmoker version of it.