This grinded my gears... A LOT

A friend of mine tweeted yesterday about a conversation he overheard when he was having a coffee at a bar.

They were talking about computer specialists in general, stating that none of us is good, and  outrageously they asked for a wage over 700€/month. Seriously, I still don’t know what angered me more: the disdain or the ridiculous wage.

We work in a field of expertise that always asks for more and we must be learning new things always or we are useless. There are few lines of work where this happens. We go to the university and we graduate knowing that in 5/10 years tops all we learnt technology-related is completely anachronic. Of course there are exceptions  IMHO.

But what the f*ck were they expecting offering less than 700€? Of course, if you hire someone offering less than what an intern is worth, you can never expect to have things done!

That conversation was wrong in so many ways I’d better stop thinking about it and enjoy my weekend. A weekend where, of course, I’ll be learning new things.