It is not uncommon to see things like this happening in the tech world.

I've worked my ass off in the past. It kinda works when you are in your 20s and you have this burning passion, and you think what you do for some random company is the most important and unique thing in the world. But no, you are wrong.

Your company is not your identity, they don't own you or have you hostage. Your worth is not valued by the KPIs you meet, and working more than 40hrs (arguably should be less, sweet spot being around 35 for me) only leads to burn out and disappointment.

If you think about being loyal to a company, stop. Layoffs happen. Burnout happens. Life happens. And they are not going to experience that, you are. So invest in your wellbeing and do your job the best you can, but also try to live your life in the process.