Battery charging

Battery charging

You need to be careful with the burnout. There are times where it's just not worth squeezing all that's left in you to get things going: the diminishing returns pile up.

In my case, I am already familiar with the signs. I get mad easily, I dread in my stomach going back to work, and I keep getting sad and unhappy with everything that I do. And, in my case, what I need is 2 weeks off minimum to recover.

So: Slack notifications off, work email account removed from the phone, and try to think in other things other than work. It's hard for me, I suck at work/life balance.

So, I did precisely that - and I feel great now. It was a close call! I guess I had on me maybe 1 or 2 weeks more. Phew!

Got to go to a beautiful place, see family and friends, and play with my daughter :)
This was my morning commute over there

And yes, this post is just an excuse to put some stuff from my vacation here. I'm struggling here!