Stranger in a strange land, that is HTML5

Lately I’ve been working in a multiplatform app using HTML5, me being a native enthusiast.

And yes, it’s  cheaper and faster , and whatever you want… but I still don’t quite like it for “serious” apps . With serious I mean well crafted and smooth apps. I found discouraging the lack of control  you have, and everything you want to do right must use a bridge of communication with its native counterpart.

I’m always being told that Titanium is cool, that PhoneGap is useful… I doubt it but I haven’t experienced it yet, because the app I’m working on will not use any kind of framework (besides jQuery).

But hey, who am I to discuss this. Facebook is running away from it too! They should know what they are doing, right?

At least I can state my opinion quite clearly: I prefer native all the way. Maybe it’s just me.