Coding contests are fun!

Last month and a half we’ve been working on an “after-work” app for an internal contest in  Mobivery just to see if we could make it.

We’ve worked our asses off , our weekends were excuses to work even more, but the result is awesome . We’ve done a multiplatform app with server side, all from scratch, and works . It’s even useful!

I’ve personally been working in the Android app, and I’m pretty satisfied with the result. After all the usual annoyances of working for clients when it comes to a multiplatform native apps, when always the client wants to force you to do things in Android with an iOS style, it was a delight doing a truly Android-style app without random bitching.

The contest is over now. I hope we’ll win but doesn’t really matter: it was fun and rewarding by itself.

At the moment we can’t disclose what’s it about but I’ll comment something when it’s out.