Make your internet life better with Pi-hole

Make your internet life better with Pi-hole

Ever since I routed all my local traffic through Pi-hole, my internet life has been much better. No ads, neither on browsers or more closed experiences like PWAs. No tracking. All of that, plus the extra benefit not getting the annoying "Please disable your ad blocker" notifications here and there.

Everything just feels faster on my home network.

So, if you have a home server, or just a Raspberry Pi lying around, the best use you could give to it is to install this magic piece of software.

My local traffic on a normal day... 45.7% requests blocked!

Installation is easy, just a matter of running this script:

curl -sSL | bash

I had to add some whitelisting for it so some websites would work properly, as there are some cases that the DNS blocking is overly restrictive. My whitelist config:

It was basically a bit of trial and error with the websites you normally use until you get it fine tuned. But it's worth it!