Radares España, SpeedCams ES

My new app is a speedcam notifier for spanish roads. It is intented to be a base for making apps for other countries.

I have called it Speedcams ES (Radares España in spanish), pretty unoriginal and boring but that's how it is. I will come up with a better one, I'm sure of it. The beauty of the Play Store is that I can change it whenever I feel like it so it doesn't really matter that much.

I already did one app like this in the past for a hackathon at work, but never got released. So I had the know how and a thorn in the side with that app, so when I thought about what app should I do next, this one app came to mind.

I prototyped and created the design and icons with Sketch 3. It is a really good piece of software. I also used Skala Preview and this plugin for being able to test it on my device.

It is simple, yet effective. I sincerely dislike the enterprise-looking or iOS-looking alternatives we have on the spanish Play Store.

I was able to experiment with some things I wanted to try out. I used Otto for inner communication between Activities and Fragments, and with Services. I also had the opportunity of making draggable chathead-like views for background detection. And I also switched to use OrmLite instead of my beloved ActiveAndroid because it's easier to setup and more stable.

Anyway, it has been fun doing this app. I will hopefully get enough users to make the other countries' apps worth.