Going freelance

After almost 3 years coding for Mobivery, the adventure comes to an end. I am really grateful for the time I've spent there, as I've met great people, learned a lot and worked with awesome professionals.

But it's time to start a new adventure.

I have been doing for a couple of months some work on my own apps (the Speed Cameras application for Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and more to come) and SalsaLoL with my friends of Redfive Labs.

I already have some clients lined up for the near future, but of course I'm up for some contracting. You could contact me anytime if you need some Android or iOS consultancy or project that needs to be done.

// I did my part nacho.setJob(JobFactory.buildJob(Jobs.FREELANCE));  // Now you do yours! :) JobType newJobType = JobType.CONTRACTING; // or CONSULTANCY or DESIGN   if (nacho.hire(new AwesomeProject(newJobType))) {     client.setProfit(Double.MAX_VALUE);   client.setHappiness(Integer.MAX_VALUE); }