Every cloud has a silver lining

I’ve just been notified my latest compilation of an app submitted to the App Store was  rejected . Well, shit happens, kinda expected it after two days in review.

But what startled me was the reason: they said the app couldn’t be used without logging in and for registration purposed I was requesting personal information, like e-mail. Well, could be a valid reason, but I wrote on the  review notes that the app could be used without logging in, and registering was free. Ten days it was  waiting for review, ten days for nothing.

Thank god I didn’t have a deadline for that project. Now I’ll just enjoy patiently the wait. Ah, the wait.

But  looking on the bright side , I could upload an improved version as 1.0 for it, faster and more reliable. See? It wasn’t all bad. I’m not that cranky (well, not all the time). Heh.