Installing Windows 8 is an odyssey

Some days I downloaded (finally) my copy of  Windows 8  from MSAA as always and I’ve spent a lot of hours day trying to install it. No fucking clue.

I tried to update my Windows 7 partition, the installer didn’t reported any kind of problem, everything went smooth until the installer needed to restart the computer. Then it all went south.

Of course, it crashed the existent Windows 7 installation and had to format it losing all my data there.

But it doesn’t matter what I try, I always get stuck at the same place when trying to tell the installer which partition to use:

We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one

It’s funny, because I have 7 HDs in my desktop computer. Believe me, there are partitions.

I’ve tried everything to get rid of my problem. Changed some  AHCI stuff in my bios. Failed. Tried to set up the drive directly using  diskpart in a command shell. Failed. I even unplugged all the other drives. Failed.

Well, I’ll keep on trying. But I’m getting sick of it.