Doing things right is worth mentioning

I’m always being told that  it’s too difficult and even impossible make good interfaces and beautiful apps in Android . And I always say the same: given the time and the thought needed, it is more than possible.

Lately more and more  multi-platform apps are embracing  Holo , and they are doing it right. For example, the last iteration of foursquare it’s a good example of a famous app doing things better.

The most recent app, and the reason I’m writing this is  Pinterest .

They released their iOS app long time ago and Android was left behind, but I think it was worth, because  they just released their Android app and it’s gorgeous. Custom smooth animations, clever use of the Action Bar, slick design… It’s really a delight. It’s an example to follow, really, even with its rough edges (due to novelty).

Too bad I don’t care about the social network itself.