I know one must keep the cool in these situations but they make it hard. At least I know I must not answer, just ignoring them does the trick.

Ah, well, haven’t said it yet. I’m talking about the people who
punish your app in the stores (App Store and Google Play mainly) just because the app doesn’t do this or that: they just downloaded your app by its name and didn’t read the very first line of the description . “Oh, it’s crap, you can’t XXXX with this shit” it’s one of the most repeated statements, and of course it comes with the typical
one star rating.

There are a lot of useful comments though, the ones suggesting new features you haven’t even thought of are a perfect example. They are encouraged. Though even if you add the feature requested, some people don’t bother to update their comments, and it also bugs me a little bit. At least in the App Store you can see at first glance the comments of the current version because the others are a little bit hidden.

Well, that’s about everything I wanted to rant about today.


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