Like many of you I’ve just installed the brand new OS X version, Mountain Lion, but to my surprise it borked my
Homebrew installation, and with it my ImageMagick and even my

After hours fighting I’ve found the solution to all my problems in a

Here it goes:

Also remember to run this for upgrading all your soft.

brew update
brew upgrade

Then I had problems installing
git, Homebrew didn’t let me.

~ brew update /usr/local/.git: Permission denied

I’ve found the solution in this other
gist. As it’s just code, only by executing curl to its raw file the problem was solved.

curl https://raw.github.com/gist/768518/c8ab96eab24829fa3bd8f8d4bba975f60c7d0079/fix_homebrew.rb | ruby

Then I tried to run my rails server, but RMagick was throwing some errors. I took a deep look and noticed ImageMagick was broken as well. So, time to Homebrew again.

brew install imagemagick

Got some problems also with linking because I came from some already-installed-but-not-properly-for-Mountain-Lion setup. But linking all the problematic stuff with -f flag did the trick. For example:

brew link -f libtiff

Then insisting and insisting with its installation, everything was properly installed again. Phew.

Regards to all the authors of the gists I used. You guys are awesome.


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