Open Source

I've got some Open Source stuff for everyone to check it out.

  • SmartLocation, an Android Location & ActivityRecognizer library, focused on providing a very easy setup.
  • Revamp, a tiny Android MVP framework I use in my apps. Plays nice with Dagger, RxJava, and all the shit.
  • Drebin, a binder framework for RecyclerView.Adapter. Plays nice with Dagger, multiview lists and all the cool stuff.
  • SmartAdapters, an Android generic Adapter library - you won't have to code any adapter ever again!
  • Localio, a Ruby gem intended to automate everything with your app's internationalization.
  • Clusterer, an Android Maps v2 clustering library focused on being easy to add and use. Pretty much abandonware now.
  • NL-Toolkit, an Android library for miscellaneous stuff like Generic Adapters. Really old version of SmartAdapters. Use that one instead.
  • Android ViewById Generator is a IntelliJ IDEA / Android Studio plugin for creating the AndroidAnnotations' @ViewById annotations for any layout.
  • Image Getter is a little facade done in Sinatra for getting the "real image" for many image serving services like Instagram or Imgur (without all the bloat in their own pages).

Feel free to check my GitHub public repositories for more information.