There were some major changes to Android
SDK layout, mainly moving all the build tools to another directory, with the pretty self-explanatory name “build-tools”.

But since the version of
maven-android-plugin almost everybody uses at the moment (3.5.0) can’t handle this, we have to fix it – and be able to WORK and stuff.

Pretty simple, just get the new stable version (at this moment is 3.6.0).

And that should do the trick.

You should change your pom to reflect it, of course. For example:

[...] android-maven-plugin 3.6.0 true 17 maven-compiler-plugin 2.5 1.6 1.6 [...]

This article was fixed when 3.6.0 came up, as it explained before how to get 3.5.4-
SNAPSHOT working on your local machine.


android , maven

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