Joined Yahoo!

It's been a hard road, but I moved to London on November and started working for Yahoo! as an Android Engineer.

I am really excited to be working here. So much to learn, so much to improve. It's like a dream come true :)

This blog update is long overdue, I know, but securing a flat / moving here is hard and took all my time and energy.

Simulador Clínica Londres for iOS and Android

This is the result of my latest freelancing effort. It's an app for a very known spanish plastic surgery clinics, Clínica Londres.

The app itself was very fun to code, because apart from all the usual stuff like news or location, it had this section where you could interact applying some effects to the photos you wanted to upload. Never did that kind of stuff in any app, so it was well worth the effort :)

Simulator Before and after comparison

Ideally this was intended for seeing how you would end up with big boobs or with a better nose, but you can do pretty much anything you want with it. It's done by applying some shaders to the pictures. Really fun stuff.

You can watch the app in action in this video.

Society of Wine Educators for Android

An app I've been working on for some time is finally released. It is a trivia game for wine conoisseurs with a social twist. You can download it from here.


A couple of screenshots...



I had a blast programming some of the UI animations in this one, and coding some of the custom views too.

About the content, I am a wine neophyte, to say the least, but this helped me to learn a bit. Two birds with one stone, right?

It seems other app I've been working on is just also about to be released too. It's rewarding to see stuff coming along nicely, after a couple of months of working non-stop.

Time to bump minSdk to 16

It was about time: API levels 14-15 are falling behind pretty quickly.

We can see in this image, from a sample of about 200k sessions, how the 4.0.+ accounts for only ~6% and rapidly decreasing.


It's not that I particularly need any API introduced in 16 in a daily basis (except maybe using fontFamily as it is intended to be done), but if we don't keep pushing we will be forever stuck in 14 as we were for years in 8-9.

So, let's go for it and use API 16 as minSdk for the next projects! :)

Going freelance

After almost 3 years coding for Mobivery, the adventure comes to an end. I am really grateful for the time I've spent there, as I've met great people, learned a lot and worked with awesome professionals.

But it's time to start a new adventure.

I have been doing for a couple of months some work on my own apps (the Speed Cameras application for Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and more to come) and SalsaLoL with my friends of Redfive Labs.

I already have some clients lined up for the near future, but of course I'm up for some contracting. You could contact me anytime if you need some Android or iOS consultancy or project that needs to be done.

// I did my part

// Now you do yours! :)
JobType newJobType = JobType.CONTRACTING; // or CONSULTANCY or DESIGN  
if (nacho.hire(new AwesomeProject(newJobType))) {  

Radares España, SpeedCams ES

My new app is a speedcam notifier for spanish roads. It is intented to be a base for making apps for other countries.

App logo

I have called it Speedcams ES (Radares España in spanish), pretty unoriginal and boring but that's how it is. I will come up with a better one, I'm sure of it. The beauty of the Play Store is that I can change it whenever I feel like it so it doesn't really matter that much.

I already did one app like this in the past for a hackathon at work, but never got released. So I had the know how and a thorn in the side with that app, so when I thought about what app should I do next, this one app came to mind.

Main interface

I prototyped and created the design and icons with Sketch 3. It is a really good piece of software. I also used Skala Preview and this plugin for being able to test it on my device.

It is simple, yet effective. I sincerely dislike the enterprise-looking or iOS-looking alternatives we have on the spanish Play Store.

Speedcam detected

I was able to experiment with some things I wanted to try out. I used