I’m subscribed to some
premium services , and there are two that are literally essential to me as a developer. I’m talking about
Spotify and GitHub.

I’ve been an
Spotify subscriber for more than two years. I always code with music, call it white noise, call it whatever you want, I just need something on the background to let me focus and reach the zone.

My music varies, it depends on the day and my mood. For analysis and more-thinking-than-coding moments, I usually end up listening to some OSTs like Mass Effect (
1, 2 and 3), Gothic 3, Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross soundtracks ( TGWTDT / The Social Network), Hans Zimmer OSTs or some medleys like Video Games Live and The Greatest Video Game Music. For the moments of really awesome and destroyer coding I prefer something a little bit electronic like
Prodigy, Pendulum or even more dark stuff like KMFDM, Amaranthe or Zeromancer. But most of the time I listen to metal bands and even punk/punk rock, depends on the mood. Of course, I’m talking about coding hours. I also use it in my free time, ain’t it awesome?

Also, I’ve been a
GitHub subscriber for some months now. I needed some private repos and it gave me the push I needed to throw my money to the screen. I like the idea and philosophy a lot. It’s our very own (developer’s) social network, and for some time it’s been my second code-related site in number of visits. Of course, the first is StackOverflow.

Octocat is fucking awesome.

I also use a lot
Evernote , but still not at the level needed to pay for it. But give me time…


premium , spotify , github

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